Age Ain't Nothing but a Number (album)

Album cover.

Age Ain't Nothing but a Number is the debut studio album by Aaliyah. One of its tracks is titled after the album. It was released on May 24, 1994. R. Kelly is the lead songwriter and producer of the album. The album was recorded in the Chicago Recording Company in Chicago, Illinois. Aaliyah and R. Kelly began recording the album in 1993 when she was fourteen.

Track listing Edit

  • "Intro"
  • "Throw Your Hands Up"
  • "Back & Forth"
  • Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”
  • "At Your Best (You Are Love)”
  • "No One Knows How to Love Me Quite Like You Do" 
  • "I’m So Into You" 
  • "Street Thing"
  • "Young Nation"
  • "Old School" 
  • "I’m Down" 
  • "I Can Be" 
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