Aaliyah 2001

Aaliyah in 2001, the last year of her life.

The following is a timeline of the life of Aaliyah Dana Haughton. She was born in 1979, growing up in the 1980s before beginning a career in the early 1990s which continued briefly into the twenty-first century. The timeline also accounts for the birth of other individuals, who have attributed influence from Aaliyah. In her lifetime, she saw the release of her three albums, a film and several music videos. "Rock the Boat" was her final performance, recorded during the last days of her life.

1979 Edit

  • January 16: Aaliyah Dana Haughton is born to Diane and Michea

1994 Edit

  • May 10: "Back & Forth" is released as a single from Aaliyah's first album.
  • May 24: Aaliyah's first album Age Ain't Nothing but a Number is released.
  • August 22: The single "At Your Best (You Are Love)" is released.
  • August 31: Aaliyah apparently marries R. Kelly at the age of fifteen and the marriage is annulled in February 1995 by her parents.

1995 Edit

  • February 5: "Age Ain't Nothing but a Number" is released as a single in the United Kingdom on CD.
  • May 2: The single "Down with the Clique" is released.
  • August 3: The single "The Thing I Like" is released.

1996 Edit

  • February 11: Aaliyah leaves Jive Records and signs with Atlantic Records.
  • August 13: The single "If Your Girl Only Knew" is released.
  • August 27: Aaliyah's second album One in a Million is released.
  • September 13: Tupac Shakur dies of his injuries after being shot six days earlier. Aaliyah addresses his death sometime after and states her disappointment with his shooting.
  • October 23: One in a Million is certified Gold.

1997 Edit

  • January 27: The single "Got to Give It Up" is released.
  • February 5: One In a Million is certified Platinum.
  • March 8: Aaliyah is present for the 1997 Soul Train Music Awards. Presumably the last time Aaliyah saw The Notorious B.I.G., who was shot to death the following day.
  • March 11: The single "4 Page Letter" is released.
  • June 16: One in a Million is certified double platinum by the RIAA.
  • September 16: The singles "Hot Like Fire" and "The One I Gave My Heart To" are released.
  • October 6: Aaliyah preforms "4 Page Letter" at the 1997 Superfest concert in San Diego, California.
  • October 21: "The One I Gave My Heart To" is certified Gold by the RIAA.

1998 Edit

  • March 31: The single "Journey to the Past" is released on U.S. adult contemporary radio.
  • April 18: The single "Journey to the Past" is released in the UK as a CD single.
  • June 16: The single "Are You That Somebody?" is released.
  • September 29: "Are You That Somebody?" is sent to U.S. Pop radio stations.

1999 Edit

  • September 9: Aaliyah makes an appearance at the 1999 MTV Music Awards.[1] BTW I love you Aaliyah! -A.B.

2000 Edit

  • March 22: Romeo Must Die is released in theaters.
  • March 28: Aaliyah participates in a signing for the soundtrack of Romeo Must Die.
  • September 7: The music video for "Try Again" wins the Best Female Video and Best Video from a Film at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • August 1: Romeo Must Die is released on DVD in the United States.
  • August 6: Aaliyah appears on the red carpet for the The Teen Choice 2000 Awards.

2001 Edit

  • January 16: Aaliyah turns twenty-two, her last birthday.
  • April 13: The single "We Need a Resolution" is released.
  • April 23: Aaliyah attends the premiere of The Planet of the Apes.
  • April 26: The music video for "We Need a Resolution" premieres on BET's 106 & Park and MTV's TRL.
  • April 27: Aaliyah attends the Essence Awards.
  • June 2: Aaliyah attends the 2001 MTV Movie Awards.
  • June 3: Aaliyah attends the Los Angeles premiere of Romeo Must Die.
  • July 7: Aaliyah is released.
  • July 18: Aaliyah preforms "More Than a Woman" during an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly.
  • July 25: Aaliyah preforms "More Than a Woman" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It was her last performance.
  • August 4: On the week of this day, Aaliyah sells 187,000 copies, the highest sales week of Aaliyah's career.
  • August 21: Aaliyah appears on BET's 106 & Park, where she announced the video for "Rock the Boat" would being filming the following day.
  • August 22: Filming for "Rock the Boat" begins.
  • August 25: Aaliyah is killed during a plane crash with eight others, including the seven other passengers and the pilot.

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